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 Changing Domains in 24-48 Hours

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Changing Domains in 24-48 Hours Empty
PostSubject: Changing Domains in 24-48 Hours   Changing Domains in 24-48 Hours EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 11:02 pm

Yes, since got its new little toolbar up there im chaging the domain,

New Domain: <--- Fuck them, Not the new domain
Please wait 24-48 Hours to visit.

Hacks are now being RE-ALLOWED
Mostly because i built a new site for our clan so they are now added again, They will be back in about 1-2 hours. So stay tuned for that.

It seems i got my app denied by a bunch of assholes from anyways anyone that wants to affiliate us, Is allowed to do so.

The Domain is staying, Anyone with the website name can go fuck themselves.
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Changing Domains in 24-48 Hours
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